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Urban Mystix


The urban environment, dense, sprawling, and perpetually haunted by multiple histories, has long played upon the mind of its inhabitants. Both the city’s known and unknown spaces and places have been prone to prompting fantasising, storytelling, and the search for an experience that is as much psychological as material.


Upon entering an environment, what is first and foremost perceived is its atmosphere. Atmospheres are emotional powers, radiated by the environment, that captivate the subject. They are the primary objects of perception. We enter an environment and instantly have a feeling about it. There are also places that intrigue us, without being able to identify the cause.


It is only after its perception, that we might try and detect the origins of our emotion. This nurtures a sense of wonder in the everyday spaces we inhabit or pass by. It is the basis for the mythologization of the urban environment. We encourage people to discover the realm of the fantastic, in their supposingly average urban existence. Hence we present ourselves to the urban community as urban mystix.

Most people go through life oblivious to the countless free wonders around them.

By Elisabeth

There are places that intrigue us, without being able to identify the cause.

By Christian

The urban space is as a conglomerate of material and spiritual principles.

By Elisabeth